The Official Tournament

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The tournament is almost here, only one day and people will be able to watch as others fight, or participate in the Official DB Zero S tournament to win the champion title!
Now, I have already made the matchups, what I am about to reveal to you guys, and we have the fix starting point too.
But first, let me tell some things what you need to keep in mind!

-If you registered to a division, but since then you exceeded the level limit, you are automatically disqualified! (This means if you were level 2000, registered in Beginner Division, but you are now level 2500 which is considered Intermediate Division, then you are out).
-If you are not online when you are called to the arena, or you make us wait more than 2 minutes, we will assume you gave up, and your opponent automatically wins.
-If you are not a participant, and you join the tournaments to “troll” or by accident, or perhaps you think its okay to break the rules and attack the participants, you are going to get a 6 hours temp ban.
-If you are a participant, you are already registered, with the race you signed up, do not change your race untill the end of the tournament! Doing this will result in a disqualification!
-Breaking Any rules will result jail or disqualification, depending on if you are a spectator or a participant!

Furthermore, Jin will stream the tournament, so if you are on the server, don’t try to be in his field of view, so those who are not on the server can see the tournament.
The Tournament will start at Saturday 9pm CEST.  Edit: Sunday changed to Saturday! I misstyped, sorry guys!
We will start with the Beginner Division, then continuing with Intermediate Division and we will end it with the Senior Division.
We will have maximum 60 matches, depending on how many people actually will be here in time for the matches.
Additionally, we will increase the server capacity to 200 so there won’t  be problems like in the last tournament that participants couldn’t join the server, because it was full.

Now on to the winning prizes.
-Champion rank
-Additional RPGweapon with 100k XP or 150k XP for one existing

-Champion rank
-Additional RPGweapon with 75k XP or 100k XP for one existing
-5m TP

-Champion rank
-Additional RPGweapon with 50k XP or 75k XP for one existing
-1m TP

Keep in mind that the $ is in-game money.

Now for what everyone waited! Knowing who will fight who in this tournament! Let’s start it!
Beginner Division:
Intermediate Division:
Senior Division:

I will update these sites as the tournament goes on!
This is all I wanted to say! We will see you guys tomorrow on the tournament!

Edit: We won’t use the tourney plugin fully, only for making a 2 people tournament, so there will be ring outs!

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