The Fate of Daikion!

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Before I go into detail, some of you may ask “What is Daikion” or “tf is a daikon”, Daikion is what I call a “Saiyan Pygmy”. Pygmies are tiny NPCs that you, as the players, hunt and kill! Some pygmies are staff skinned, some are steve skinned. They were hosted in a weekly event called the Pygmy Hunt! But starting today, May 14 2017, the Pygmy Hunt has become a daily event. It is automated, so each individual pygmy respawns on its own! Participate in the Pygmy Hunt and you may be able to collect all 9 fragments! Fragments are a rare item dropped from pygmies. You need to collect 9 DIFFERENT TYPES (I wish I didn’t have to emphasize this) of fragments! Collect the fragments and make the Daikion Stone, which takes you to Daikion! Below is the crafting recipe for Daikion’s Stone.

Now for the main point, Daikion has two phases, his  base form, and his Super Saiyan form. I was pondering whether or not I should add a 3rd phase. That is what this post is for. I am asking you, as the players, do you want a third phase to Daikion’s boss battles? Leave your opinion by answering the poll below.

Do you want a third phase to Daikion?

  • OMG!! Give us 3rd phase!! (84%, 85 Votes)
  • I couldn't care less about that midget. Boo. (16%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 101

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Thank you very much for your votes everyone! Daikion Phase 3 is now W.I.P!

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One Response to The Fate of Daikion!

  1. Rensette says:

    Super Saiyan God Daikion is the only way to end the Daikion quest chain.
    I mean, it all starts by beating nine other Pygmies, so that tells us there are more.

    So if one Pygmy can be a Saiyan, then that means the others can be Saiyans too, if this Saiyan Pygmy is a Super Saiyan, then that means he can become a Super Saiyan God too!


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