Big Change Log

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As you guys know, admins are constantly deciding on a lot of matters which involves your daily life on the server. Well the configs are the same, they have a big impact on everyone playing on the server, and messingn something up there can be lethal to the server’s life.
In the past you hardly ever knew about something changing, and it could be always frustrating not knowing anything about what is exactly happening inside those said configs.
But with the new official website it can be solved easily! On the site, admins can post bigger changes so players know it sooner, while smaller things can go to the Forum!

Now for the firsts big Change Log I present you what changed:

  • Arcosian Super Form from 3.05x to 3.25x multipier
  • Arcosian Ultimate (Golden) Form from 4.85x to 5x multipier
  • Arcosian God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Arcosian Form0 Ki drain from 500 to 800
  • Arcosian Form1 Ki drain from 300 to 500
  • Arcosian Form2 Ki drain from 200 to 300
  • Arcosian Form3 Ki drain from 150 to 200
  • Human Full Form from 2.05x to 2.65x multipier
  • Human Buffed Form from 3.7x to 4.45x multipier
  • Human God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Human Transformation skill costs:
    400 to  3000 lvl1
    800 to  5000 lvl2
    1200 to  10000 lvl3
    2000 to  30000 lvl4
    32000 to  310000 lvl5
  • Namekian Full Form from 2.4x to 2.8x multipier
  • Namekian Giant Form from 4.15x to 4.75x multipier
  • Namekian God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Namekian Transformation skill costs:
    400 to 3000 lvl1
    800 to 5000 lvl2
    1200 to 10000 lvl3
    2000 to 20000 lvl4
    32000 to 280000 lvl5
  • Saiyan God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Saiyan Transformation skill costs:
    375 to 10000 lvl1
    750 to 15000 lvl2
    1500 to 20000 lvl3
    3000 to 25000 lvl4
    7500 to 75000 lvl5
    10500 to 385000 lvl6
  • Godform Skill price buff from 150Million to 200Million

That is all, you can read the little changes what were made before these at this topic:

Hopefully providing you guys with information will satisfie all of you. Untill next time!

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