RPGWeapons Suggestions

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Hi guys, I see you are hyped about RPGWeapons and have a lot of ideas about what I could add to it. Unfortunately, my small brain can’t remember all of these suggestions for the future, so would it be possible if you could post a comment on this post about suggestions? Thanks, bloo.

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12 Responses to RPGWeapons Suggestions

  1. artvin_boy says:

    How about ranged RPGWeapons for will/Spiritualist People?
    They seem to be kinda left out here.

  2. Abry says:

    Alright, lets do this.

    Firstly, how about adding custom effects into the plugin?
    Effects, such as Lightning, which could be levelled up and each level increases the chance of striking your enemy with lightning if they’re hit by that weapon. Perhaps level 10?

    Negative Effects, like Slowness, Poison, Nausea, (NOT Wither) maybe even Weakness? Each level (upto 10) increases the strength and chance of afflicting this effect on the enemy.

    Toggleable Evasive Skills: Ever under assault by an enemy? Need a quick way to run? How about the Vanish skill, which at the cost of ki or stamina(debatable) allows you to teleport behind the enemy. (Now if they’re looking behind already it’d be quite useless, but you get my point.) Each level could increase the distance and ki cost, or increase the chance of a successful teleport at the cost of less ki and stamina, sorta like maybe two different branches of the skill? (Like with ssj, you had the option of strength over speed and mastery in the grades, while FPSSJ gave mastery, sacrificing strength.)

    Another evasive skill could be a barrier, like #17’s, which is set up at the cost of stamina, and drains ki while active. Level ups increase its durability.
    Maybe a skill like the skill Break Strike/ Explosive Wave from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which cancels out ki attacks for the cost of stamina, and blows the enemy back?

    Next, skill branching? Not sure if it’d be viable, but for certain skills like previously suggested, we could choose to make them more effective for higher costs, or equally effective with greater success chances, and less ki/stam usage.

    That’s all for now, maybe throwable weps with a cooldown could be added, I dunno. I’ll be back, though, with more suggestions later.
    Peace out, and thanks again Bloo! (THE HYPE IS REAL)

  3. Rensette says:

    Hearing about having our own special weapons has got me pretty heated up, but it feels like the Active Effects leave a lot to be desired.
    Blocking and eating Senzu with the weapon in hand might be handy, but a quick enough hand can grab a Senzu, eat it, and switch back in the span of a few seconds.

    So instead, how about some more tricky abilities to really switch things up?

    For example, what if right clicking teleported you to what you were looking at, like you did /jump?

    Or how about giving your weapon a flash of an effect for a few seconds, to give an opponent one last surprise of Poison, Nausia, or Hunger?

    Perhaps an effect that gives it even greater damage, at the cost of draining Ki with each hit, something like Future Trunk’s Spirit Sword, turning your weapon into a finishing super move?

  4. BlazingDark(Lowell15) says:

    1. More Special Effects
    By more special effects i meant like a specialty of someone’s weapon
    Sword: Choose between : Sword Rain [Spawns multiple sword next to the person then makes it slash the target, ignores 20% of target’s armor], Cursed [More Dmg, Wither [1 Sec/+ [increases with level] Or more breaks target’s armor], Shadow Slash [Chances to hit more than 1 up to 5 times [increases chance with level] [Made to do something like serious ssb vegito where he hits u high in the air several times, breaks armor bit by bit]or maybe does the dmg of more than 1 hit]

    Axe: Choose Between: Berserk [Chance to blind, mining fatigue target for 1 second [stun] and breaks bosses’ armor for a couple of seconds ]
    Throwing Axe [ Axe becomes throwable really fast [speed increases with level], breaks armor little by little, has a little chance of doing a vital hit which does 1.3x the axe’s dmg]
    Charged Hit [ Hits with normal dmg but has a little chance to do 5x its dmg that ignores 50% armor]
    Dagger: Choose Between: Shadow Stab [With Cooldown][Automatically teleport behind target [works only with lockon], removes lock on, does 3x dmg that ignores 10% armor]
    Assassin’s Dance [With little cooldown][Automatically teleports left right and behind the target then back to your original spot doing 4 stabs before going back to original location, does 2x the normal dmg that ignores armor and invincible while doing, but after going back to location, user gets nausea 3 for 10 seconds and loses lock on
    Thousand Slash [Used by pressing a key for rpg special skills] [After pressed, user hits target 1000 times with only 15% of the real dmg, ignores 0.1% armor every hit, but after using it user gets mining fatigue 5 for 3 seconds [Effective for killing bosses with low hp but huge regen like janembas]]

    In this suggestion i mentioned armor break what i meant by that is that bosses’ hp should be lowered and replaced with armor instead.

    And to make armor useful again, i suggest making hero armor that is also soulbound with armor, and more special effects

  5. BlazingDark(Lowell15) says:

    In my suggestion, some skills may use stamina/ki [i’d prefer stamina]

  6. CMDR_Ryan says:

    Remember when trunks made his sword of hope?There could be something like that a mode your weapon can enter that increases its dmg but constantly drains ki.

  7. BlazingDark(Lowell15) says:

    Ryan, thats literally ki punch on a weapon xD

  8. Mudafa says:

    So what rank is Hero Saga? When is this gonna be released?

  9. JackingUp13 says:

    1: Make a ritual to “ascend” the RpgWeapon to
    increase the MaxLevel of the weapon
    (maybe some boss required to make the ritual)

    2:Smash/slice/Stomp skill to RpgWeapon giving area dmg (with cooldown)

    3: Creating RpgArmor with this own stats and Rewards, making then unique and special, (maybe work with ritual too)

    4: (probably wont work but….) a way to put a ki atack while using RpgWeapon for spiritualists to balance a little the Wariors and Spiritualists
    (to nerf a little add more ki cost, bcse is using a weapon, not the hands to concentrate ki)


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