Regarding the Maintenance 2017 June 18th

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Today, an update has been released, featuring Majin Seal and Mystic form. More information is found here

The server has been put under maintenance to make changes to the server configurations

Here are the following changes that are occuring:

  • SSG (God form level 1) 6.8x, Drain: 20
  • SSG (Ritual) 6x, Drain: 25
  • SSB/SSR 7.75x
  • The cost to buy God Form level 2 is 40,000,000 TP
  • Other god forms 7.45x
  • Mystic 10M for first purchase, 2M for each level upgrade up to level 7. Level 8 is 1M TP, Level 9 is 500k TP, Level 10 is 250k TP
  • Majin Seal is a 25% boost

There will be 3 upcoming skills

  • Ki Punch will be 175K
  • Ki Protection will be 140K
  • Ki Boost will be 200K 
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