Rebirth Plugin v1.1.0

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Hey guys, it’s been a while huh? I am very glad to finally be able to put out one of my projects that I have spent way way too much time on. Anyway, onto the plugin itself: the rebirth plugin v1.1.0: the GUI update.

Now the main point of this update has 2 main features the first is to provide a much needed Quality of Life features (to make rebirthing easier and more convenient for you guys), and to remove any existing bugs that are present in the existing system. The main feature for the QoL is the usage of chest GUIs, that I have been experimenting with so that I can better present the plugins instead of having you guys have to fiddle around with the commands.

So onto how to use the system, so the first thing you want to do is to use the /rebirth command, this will bring up the following GUI:

This GUI will allow you to:

  • Reset your character – allowing you to change your race and whether you are a spiritualist, warrior, or martial artist
  • Redistribute your stats – allows you to change your build
  • Confirm/Cancel the rebirth
  • See your rebirth cooldown, as shown below

The first four buttons are either green or greyed out, green shows when you are able to click the buttons – for example you can’t confirm a rebirth if you have never started one.


When you click on the stat relign button (the second one), you will be brought to the following GUI:

This GUI shows a list of the attributes (str, dex, con, wil, mnd, and spi respectively), which can be clicked to open an input GUI where you can set what you want the value of the attribute to be. When you hover over an attribute it will show you its name and the value of the attribute if you were to confirm the rebirth (the same way /rebirth check would have). The button that is second from the right will show you how many points you have left to assign, if you go over the amount of stats you currently have this will be negative. The rebirth cannot be confirmed until this number is 0 so that you neither lose stats nor create them out of thin air.


When you click on one of the attribute buttons you will be taken to the following input GUI:

In this GUI you can use the anvil textbox to enter the new value of your chosen attribute (e.g. str), once you have done that you can click on the wool on the right to confirm the new value. Please note that while the GUI says there is an enchantment cost you will not lose XP when rebirthing.


That should cover the basics of using the new rebirth plugin, I hope you guys will enjoy using it more than the current system. If you have any suggestions please do message me with them I always like having new ideas on what to add to my plugins.

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