Post Maintenance 2017 June 11th

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A week ago I gave an announcement, that we would go under maintenance to reset NPC data.

The maintenance was successful, and NPC quest data will remain wiped. Sadly this means any one time quests that have been done may be done again. But there isn’t anything we can do about that. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

The Flarbo Vouchers for Daikion’s Stone, Mystery Scroll, and End Pass can be traded at /spawn. The Fusion Voucher will be turned in at Yemma’s Palace in Otherworld.

Here is a list of changes that has occured.

End Saga:

  • Introductory Eldery Steve quest has been added
  • Voids in End Saga have been relocated

Pygmy Hunt:

  • Quests have been removed. The TP is now obtained directly from the pygmies


  • Rebirth plugin has been added. Visit Blue’s changelog for more information:
    thank you so much blue. the pain is gone now…

We appreciate your patience with us.


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