Plans for the week

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So this update was fairly a nerf update from Jin himself, which we can’t do anything about it but accept it.
But don’t take this update on the wrong side, as Jin himself said in his post, it was necessary to prepare for what is coming, and oh boy a lot of things are coming.
First let’s check what changed in the mod itself:

  • The annoying lag when the sites are down should be fixed now
  • Stat increase rate got decreased (people mostly handle this negatively)
  • The annoying OP Jump nerf finally happened
  • SK is more viable now if you combine kaioken and endurance (50% at max lvl’s that it doesn’t take HP upon transforming)

These changes are well ballanced, but people don’t always look at the bigger purpose behind these kinds of things, so let’s see what Jin plans to implement, by doing this decrease:

  • KI system upgrade for KI attacks
  • SSJ4 is in the doors!
  • Higher max attributes! This means more stats than 30.000 will be accesable
  • Majin seal!
  • Mystic form!
  • And SSG transformation, so you don’t need ritual

(You can read the rest at at the 17w17 update post)
Now let’s be real, to balance out things, these decreases were necessary so the mod itself won’t need more RAM to be playable, and also opens the opportunity to get more what you have lost, it’s like they say “Something for something else”.

Now look at the things from the server’s perspective. Everyone lost some of their strength and their HP, and the players are sad but mostly angry over the update. Believe me, you shouldn’t be, since more awesome things are going to happen from now on. On the other hand, we may reduce some of the bosses’ regeneration in order to compromise with the loss of the damage.
Now there are other major things I want to tell you, so listen carefully, because you might not wanna miss out of this.

First of all, the upper staff team concluded, that the server reads too much unnecessary player and custom npcs data, which causes most of the lag spikes, when searching through them.
Now in order to try to fix this we decided to delete some of these datas. Now don’t freak out, we don’t mean we will completely wipe out your stats or anything, so just calm down. We mean, that there are a lot of innactive players and their data there just takes up the space, and makes the server freak out. So we decided to delete those people datas who are innactive for more than 3-4 months now. It might be unfair for most of them, but it’s not like we will delete them without saving them first. With this done, the server maybe will have less lag spikes, and it’s good for cleaning up the storage capacity too.  We are still on the deciding matter whether should it be 3 or 4 months, but I can assure you that at the date of 2017/May/7 we will do this clean up for the sake of your enjoyment.

Other thing I want to introduce you is that factions are coming back! Yep you read that right, but unlike before, some things might change including them, so the personal claims won’t be targetted. With the spar plugin, it can be a nice set of battles for example, but I am not saying much about this matter, since it hasn’t been discussed that much yet.

The last thing on the list what we want to do sooner the better, is getting a world border plugin. With a world border plugin, we can limit the world, so that we lessen the likes of corrupt chunks, as well as limiting the world’s storage size itself, thus not overworking the server PC. We can have a lot of possibilities with a world border plugin, like making another world, where let’s say it’s 1000*1000 block meter the whole thing, and we could host events there, like Pygmy hunt for example.

Also a side note, if you live in the nether, move out, because we are planning to delete it, and making a new one, since the present one is kinda over used, and to be honest for mana crafting I believe we should make some Ghast hunting spots for players, so it’s not that hard to get ghast tears.

I believe that’s  all for now, we will try to work hard to make the changes happen as smoothly as possible so it won’t cause problems for you guys. If you have any question, just write a comment! See you in the next post!

(Oh yeah, as a Change Log thing: passive defense from 40% was put to maximum 50%)

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3 Responses to Plans for the week

  1. Rensette says:

    I’m actually surprised the World Border pluggin is coming, I was talking about the possibilities of how areas could be made using something like it earlier today, so I’ll really be looking forward towards it.

  2. FRUIT says:

    Also add the auction plugin so we can sell and buy stuff from eachother with a nice auction way!!


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