One Week Warning. Maintenance Will Occur

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We have been experiencing a few problems regarding the mod known as Custom NPCs. Whenever we view the player data inside, it lags the server majorly. The problem is that the lag is getting worse, as it is now starting to kick us whenever we look into the player data. One week from now, we will deleteĀ ALL Custom NPC Data. This doesn’t mean you will lose your stats, your inventory, your homes, or anything like that. The data we are deleting only counts for your quests and NPC faction data. The server will be put under maintenance, to resolve this issue. We will keep a back up, and if our efforts don’t eliminate the lag, we will restore the data that we deleted. Just letting everyone know, you have your fair warning

UPDATE: If you had used an End Pass, Daikion’s Stone, or Mysterious Scroll, you will be able to obtain a Flarbo Voucher to restore these items. You have ONE WEEK to get this voucher!! These will be made available very soon.

UPDATE 2: Fusion Adventure has been considered. A voucher has been made for it. Flarbo can be found at Fusion Adventure, the quest line for level 1 Fusion! All 4 Flarbo Vouchers have been made available



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  1. Raizir says:

    r.i.p anyone who was close to beating fusion adventure.


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