New plugin, new staff

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Hello everyone. So as may you know, there were problems with name tags, and custom npcs, that you could cheat in the quests.
Well today we managed to fix this issue with a new plugin named Item Remover.
About this plugin in a few words:
This plugin removes any item from a player inventory what is black listed. That is all about the plugin, it’s small but great help for the staff team.

Speaking about staff team. From today on, the server will have an official Co-Owner chosen by Jin himself.
And this Co-Owner is none other than myself!
What does this mean?
Well it means a few things like:

  • I will work with the other staff improove the server further
  • I will supervise most of the staff with Jin’s help (sometimes, since he is busy as you know. Also this may mean faster accepting or denying at applications)
  • The server will have a Co-Owner
  • I will be able to upgrade the server, website and server shop anytime, when free time lets me

I will work hard to make your life easier on the server, and to make you as much fun as you can. See you guys next time, or on the server!

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  1. MysticRamen says:

    so happy


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