Map reset

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Yes you heard me, a map reset is going to happen because the server suddenly has no storage for some reason, and because of that a lot of damage was caused, so even if we get bigger storage we would need to make a map reset, the damages were that severe.

We will try to let people in the server to save their buildings and their stuff before its too late.

For saving a building I suggest using a schematica mod a video about it (it works like this for 1.7.10 as I know)
and the link for it you need both of it to work.

We are currently doing everything to save yours and the servers important things, please be patient for updates!

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13 Responses to Map reset

  1. artvin_boy says:

    YOSHAAA i am usefull to the server.

  2. Dylan says:

    who ever added the idea for the mods is a god

  3. Greevil says:

    Igual ni quería mi casa

  4. Etikim says:

    well i think it was bad time to be out of house 😛 oh well i just build my house again if i lose it

  5. like_a_boss_319 says:

    Rip my stuff
    I lost some armor and dragon balls 🙁

  6. disastercube says:

    Staff members are doing evrythink in their power to resolve this. I hope they will made it. I have builded tons of structures and I do not won to luse them D=.

  7. Rensette says:

    It’s a shame, but there’s a silver lining to this at least.
    Because the world has been torn up by plenty of players, everything past a warp’s safezones is ugly and decimated.

    This could be a chance to at least make sure that when you get to a really nice looking warp, you can look to the side and not see a giant hole in the world, or a metric ass load of dirt houses.

  8. hauntedplayz says:

    I guess it had to happen , Hey Look on the bright side at least its not a stat reset or a complete wipe. -zeno

  9. DbzmasterGOD239 says:

    matu when was the last day to save your items and houses because ive been on mc and checked the server this whole week and all off been getting is im not whitelisted is there anyway i can still save my items?

  10. AverBlack says:

    When Will the maintanence be over? I don’t mean to push you, but it would be nice to know when so i can join on that dady without needing to check every 10 minutes.


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