Maintenance End, Server reopens!

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So we have worked on the server over 6 hours now and whoa, we have made a quite big change log here I believe, what I will start listing now for you guys:

  • People’s player data and cnpc data whose were innactive for more than 3 months got deleted
  • Nickname lenght shortened from 32 character to 16
  • Queen saga TP buff:
    Queen – 50 mill TP
    Ghost – 17 mill TP
    Phoenix – 7 mill TP
    Matu – 3.15 mill TP
    Netherrack boss – 925k TP
  • Armored end skeletons have been restored
  • Fusion Act 2 clump 1 released, fusion levels 2-4 now available
  • Katatraining TP buff
    Novice 4300 TP
    Novice+ 9200 TP
    Trained ninjas 7000 TP
    Trained ninjas+ 15500 TP
    Master ninjas 9400 TP
    Master ninjas+ 19800 TP
  • Nail quest tp nerf to 10000 because of low regen soldiers
  • Medical moss quest nerf to 500$ instead of 5000$
  • UG TP buff
    Dwarf quest to 20k TP
    More Dwarf quest  42k TP
    Spider quest 14.5k TP
    More Spider quest 30k TP
    Mad scientist 35k TP
    Whole dungeon TP gain from 300k to 500k + it’s daily
  • Angel saga tp buff minor
    Queen kill 280k TP
    King kill 465k TP
    Ruri kill 220k TP
    Killing leaders of UG side 300k TP
  • Angel Dungeon overral from 2.5 mill to 3 mill TP
  • buying 4 claybock for 60$ in shop dimension and lamp and candle recipes added
  • World Border plugin set ups (All of them from 0 axiss to each direction)
    Overworld – 500.000 blocks
    Nether – 50.000 blocks
    Vegeta – 50.000 blocks
    Namek – 100.000 blocks
    HTC – 5.000 blocks
    Otherworld – 30.000 blocks
    Factionworld – 1.000 blocks
  • Everything outside WB got deletted
  • Factions, and Faction chat plugin returned!
    You can only claim land at /warp factions since all faction related things will be there
    Faction world created so players can freely destroy everything there (expect warp place)
  • Staff statues, application and idea links moved to spawn (Work In Progress)
  • Ghast farm created in new Nether
  • Janemba’s teleporting arms & mini-clones are punchable and will take 4 seconds to respawn each
  • Buffed Havoc in from 150k to 160k tp and it’s now weekly
  • Paikuhan at grand kai’s got 30k HP less, (320k) now, nerfed ranged attack spamm until 4 blocks away from him

Oh yeah one last thing, if I see on the server Pandemonium or something similar as a faction, I will disband it immidiately.

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5 Responses to Maintenance End, Server reopens!

  1. Rensette says:

    The TP gain for nearly everything went up?
    We really are living in the brightest timeline.

  2. Callum duffy says:

    I sense fear in that last comment you made. Seriously how pathetic can you get man, I’m gone lol and I’m surprised your even back after all you have done, the harm you caused the the people you hurt, it is true you MABYE have changed, however to deny my friends access to a name of a fac they are always loyal to, it.. it.. just annoys me how you can continue to bully me even after i have been blocked out from the server, do me a favour just drop the attitude matu, drop the grudge you still hold cuz I let it go along time ago and also drop the attitude dude, seriously it’s a game, not real life, let people enjoy it the way they want to enjoy it and not the way you want to enjoy it, thanks.

    • matuteharcos says:

      Since I heard you were mad that I didn’t answer to this, and was accused that I downvoted it then ignored it, here’s my answer:


      • Callum duffy says:

        I fail to see how any of this is hypocritical and I dunno where your hearing stuff like that from but ok… also the nice thing to do would be to stop being a total ass matu idk what you have done to brainwash people into thinking your a good guy but to others including me your just a plane jerk I’m willing to say sorry for the shit that happend why the hell cant you

        • matuteharcos says:

          You never said sorry, even if you did you never meant it.
          I didn’t brainwash anyone.
          And you know where I know that from very well, even if you quit that chat, there you said it yourself those things.


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