Jingames 1.7.10 Plans for Autumn

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Hello everybody! As you all know we here at Jingames have been rather busy prepping up for relaunching the server after days of it being offline. So, in the meantime, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing and even some new content you can expect this season! Anywho, let’s start up with some changes in the server once it relaunches:

-Brand New Spawn, courtesy of Lucid and BlackHawk.

-New looks to some areas of the Underground/Queen Saga, Underground key will now be a quest item instead of a teleporting item.

-New room for Whis’ staff, more NPCs will be added for each tier too. New Void room too.

-New look to the HTC.

-New shop.

-Revamp to /warp Namek, changes to the NPCs there, it will now be close to Frieza’s ship.

-New quest to gain money from farmer Steve.

-PVP areas will now notify you once you’re in them.

And that’s basically a main recap of all the changes we’ve got to announce at this moment, we may add even more stuff aside from this, but right now our top priority is re-adding every quest we possibly can before relaunching the server. Super Saga may take a while to relaunch, but it won’t be more than a few days if it’s delayed. Just know we’ve managed to transfer the large majority of quests successfully, and that the new changes to the server will be done so you can enjoy your stay in it even more than prior to the restart. Now then, let’s get onto the bigger announcements:


-Friezatraining: it’s been a long time coming, but we’ll finally be releasing Friezatraining very soon! Expect it to be released around this month!

-New Pygmy Forest: That’s right, we’re making a brand new area dedicated specifically to these little NPCs! This will make hunting for pygmies even more fun!

Brand new questlines by Asian and Dag!

-Ghost Saga: that’s right, the mysterious saga’s going to be released soon! Expect more announcements soon!


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Super Saga: Universe arc: The brand-new arc of Super Saga’s coming very soon! This new arc will feature more of what the players loved about the first two arcs and will finally give the server brand-new Dragon Ball Super content! This new arc will introduce 5 new simulations to the roster, and even more fights in the main saga! Expect a post with more info about the arc, alongside a release date, soon!


-Hero Saga: What’s this? It seems to be another Saga by Matu..what could it hold?..

-Brand new warps!

And last but definitely not least…

Fusion Adventure ac3That’s right! The final act of Fusion Adventure will now undergo development! This final expansion will finally give players Fusion Level 10! Release will be set on November 12th or so!



And that’s basically everything we’ve got to announce for now, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this update on everything we have planned and will release once the server relaunches and all around Autumn! Thank you for your patience, everyone! We’ll see you on the server!

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    Super cool!

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    Vote for your favourite new content here!: http://www.strawpoll.me/13845110

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    it says that im not whitelisted

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    Because it’s on maintenance


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