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    You can turn off the config and disable children spawning, meaning no more chunks staying loaded forever, and no more kids being lost to the void of space and time.

    It can be a solely cosmetic feature for players, which would boost that MMO feeling the server has.

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    Come on, don’t pretend you don’t wanna play as a Waifu, Kuroi.

    We can all benefit from this.

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    Now as someone who’s burnt many bridges and assumed a new identity multiple times over my life on the Server, I feel like there’s no one more suited to answering this question than me.

    So let’s get started!

    Part One, What Do You Keep?

    Things that are tied to your .Playerdata are always kept because your .Playerdata is totally unique to you, it’s like your ID Tag on the server that follows you around wherever you go.

    So what you can expect to keep are…

    Your Stats.
    All Types of Quest and Faction data.
    Items in inventory.
    Items in Ender Chest.
    Claims and total Claimed Blocks.

    A lot of the really important stuff is there, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to redo everything.

    However some vital things also aren’t in that last, which leads me too…

    Part Two, What Do You Lose?

    These are tied to your MC Username, and when you change it, they stay bound to that old name of yours.

    So what will be lost are…

    Set Homes.
    Authority to open locked objects, even in your house.
    Examples of locked objects are chests, doors, furnaces, trapdoors, fence gates, and signs.

    The back bone of your infrastructure can take a massive hit if you change your name.
    But don’t let that discourage you!

    If you take the proper steps to ensure that you’re completely prepared, changing your name can be a much more fun and new step in life!

    Now how do you prepare?

    Part Three, Faking Your Death Getting Ready!

    First off, you want to unlock everything in your house so that when you come back, you can lock it all again under your new name.
    If you can’t think of everything right off the top of your head, take some time and go through your routine and see everything you might interact with on a regular basis.

    Next you should find someone you can trust like a friend or fellow player, or even staff if they’re up to it, and transfer your money to them on the condition that they give it back.
    Obviously you should do it in private and set up something so that they know you’re you even with a changed name.
    A cool codeword or even telling them what to expect your new name to be works fine.

    Finally, to save your homes, first you’ve gotta decide what’s worth keeping.

    If you’ve got homes to places you can easily get to, you don’t have to worry about it, just fly back and set it back up.

    If you’ve got a home faraway from things, make sure you logout while you’re still at that home, so that when you do log back in, you can /sethome right away.

    Now if you’ve got multiple faraway homes, you can once again ask friends or Staff to teleport to you at the ones you won’t log out at yourself, so that you can TP to them and quickly get those set back up as well.

    When you’re as prepared as you possibly can be, and you’re in position to change the name, then it’s time to finally log out and make it happen!

    Take the time to really soak in how no one (Except the people you got help from) knows anything about your new name, and have fun screwing with people!

    So hopefully this advice finds you well, and you have a seamless transition!

  • Rensette

    The server’s currently recovering a hard drive issue, the staff are rebuilding it and getting ready for the grand reopening.

    So give it a day or three, and it should be open again.
    In the mean time if you’d like you can pop in the Discord, you’ll have a much better way of knowing when the Server’s back up.

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    The latest update causes some issues with the new Ki attack animations, and since we have a few dedicated Ki users…

    Just rest assured that it’s not your fault, it’s the mod’s.

  • Rensette

    But isn’t that a problem that comes up with everything?

    I can bet Kuroi has noticed some people who don’t try to soak in the lore of the Underground, or who make it through Angel Skies without even noticing that there’s two sisters there.

    What about the players who actually will read everything and digest the story like a fine steak, should they be the ones who suffer because a bunch of players ran through everything?

    If this really does just boil down to wanting people who will appreciate what you write, then you have to show them that they can expect something engaging.
    Just like how you can’t expect to catch a phoenix with chicken feed, you can’t expect to draw in engaged players with flimsy writing.

    Because if you’re expecting them to talk about the deep lore behind Farmer Steve’s accent, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

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