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    Jason Jacober
    Dragon Block Zero S
    Nov. 5 2020
    Zar3n0’s Ban Appeal
    Hello, some people may remember me (minecraft username is Zar3n0) although I severely doubt it. I was banned from Dragon Block Zero S a little over two years ago. My claim is that I was very immature seeing as I was only 14 and constantly looked for attention by acting in inappropriate ways. I can say that for the better that I have changed. I am 16, almost 17, and still a major fan of DBS. I really wish to be unbanned and these are some reasons you should unban me.
    As I stated in the intro, I have changed, I am now in my junior year of highschool and at the time of my ban, I was in the transition period of 8th grade to 9th grade. I have learned a lot over the past few years. I have grown up, I don’t seek attention in negative ways and just do my own thing.
    Since quarantine has started, I have taken the time to work on myself as a person. I have made new friends, learned how to communicate with people in important relationships, and to understand things from another persons’ point of view. Some of my favorite games to play are on roblox, Dragon Ball Online Generations. I love spending my time on dragon ball games but I would love to be back on the Zero S server, because to be quite honest, there isn’t an experience like it.
    I miss grinding on Zero S. It was a lot of fun. I feel like if I am unbanned in the Zero S server I could be a positive influence and a kind member of the community. I don’t act the same as I used to, now I seek positive attention and the ability to have fun in a community like Dragon Ball Zero S. I feel like I could help benefit the community by being a source of positivity.
    Now, I know I can’t take back the past although I wish I could. I do regret my past offence(s) on Zero S. I made some poor decisions and was an angsty pre-teen back then and now I have developed better morals and habits. I apologize for the crude and bad behavior in the past and hope you (the Dragon Ball Zero S staff) can accept my apology and re-allow me into your guys’ community. Thank you.

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