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    Age – 15
    Builds – Insides of G**** Saga, Destroyed WestCity and Hero Saga Part 1… oof (Idk if i really need to include that part but you never know)
    Discord – Mew#9000

    IGN Name = Yr_Mew

    Well, it has been quite some time since I have been on the server “working” as a builder, because of school and everything. But Now since I will be free for the most part of the summer, I would like to join the team again for the time being, and help with everything I can. My abilities are not top tier but I can get most things done, that’s it, hope I can be back helping everyone.

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    Oh, and the Screenshots, sorry about that.
    Here are some of the works i did last Year, i’ve improved since then but it gives you the idea.

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