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    Well it’s been just a year since I was banned from this server. I think that I was banned because I wasn’t behaving well on this server. I broke the rules a few times such as exploiting majindary and exploiting whis staff by afking in it to get two sections. Another reason I got banned is because I annoyed aredia so much, which I did send a lot of dm to aredia at his exam which I didn’t know at the time, he does say he is busy and asked me not to dm him. But I still feel very bad and sorry about it right now. I have been given warning a few times and matu does give one last warning to me before I get banned but I didn’t take it very seriously by then and therefore I got banned from this server. Right now a year has passed, a lot has happened and I have matured quite a bit from the past year, I deeply regret my past actions the past year. I think quite a bit of you might still hate me and don’t want me to ever return to this server, but I hope you all can accept me to come back to this server. I have changed from my old self and I hope you all can give me one more chance and please approve this ban appeal. Thank you.

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    Guy seems nice, unban bls

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