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    Hello there My username on the server is Misterknocturnal Nickname being the same i have on here, I understood the Temp ban kind of, people cant get away with stuff and needs to be punished in some sort of way this being a week ban, all i was doing was simply playing alongside my friend minecraft username is Shaymond2 and although i cant say i haven’t read the rules because i understand them, i just think in this situation it’s a little bizzare how me and shay get temp banned and banned permanently from a thing that give’s the good tp gain when all we did was not in my words “Team” and have fun with trying to beat a enemy i have stated to a admin already on discord by the name of White that my point is that if you can co op in missions in multiple other games and including the actual mod it’s self it allows you to form a team to complete the mod saga.

    In my eyes the temp ban was brutal enough but a Perm ban on content that cannot be accessed right of this minute but will be vital to getting that good tp gain and i think me and my buddy shouldnt suffer further.

    Please consider this and even considering lightening the week ban as we were only doing it out of enjoying the content that you made Together as a team i fully understand and so does shay that we aren’t meant to do this, but i would like to think that things can change in the future also for it not to be shunned to play together being that the server is a multiplayer server.

    Thanks for listening -Misterknocturnal/SirZandyr 🙂

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