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    Hi guys i was banned from whis staff and from the server( 7 Days) for teaming/ cheesing whis staff.

    At the time i did not know that teaming / cheesing was against the rules as i could not get into the discord server to look at the rules at the time i kept getting invalid invite for some reason but that was only fixed for me after i have been banned. Also considering its a multiplayer server i would of never taught that teaming was against the rules. I now fully understand that what i did cannot happen again and from this point forward i will respect the rules of the server and would like to apologize in advance. So i would really appreciate if you would take this time to considering my unban for Whis staff.

    In Game Name: Android69

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    P.S i havent played minecraft in over like 10 years so im a noob on everything :,)

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