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    This is Vesu’s app aka Zeno.
    Hiya, I’m applying again since Luci posted on the main discord that you guys needed builders.

    Even though i have been staff before, and was demoted because of my faults which i have learned to correct but haven’t got them perfected. I know I’ll probably be denied for my past behaviour as staff and some stuff, so I’m saying can i has a second shot?
    I joined in Late October of 2016, it’s been a while. i have no life
    Information about me: I love sweets and cakes with tea like L in Death Note. I’m bit of a weeaboo, i do love anime/manga and as I’m typing this application, i can see a Super Saiyan Goku. My favourite anime/manga includes My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball ( The entire franchise), Attack on Titan, Death Note, One Punch Man ( HYAH), Jojo Bizzare Adventure (ORA ORA ORA), Hunter x Hunter and One piece.
    Photos Below and Enjoy : } Tunnel For Old Fac Base
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } Medieval Housey
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } A Spawn i made for a friend.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } The Pillar Men ( idk)
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } Blossom Tree, my fav
    I’m using photos from my last app since i have a new pc with no screenies of mah builds, i hope you understand 🙂
    Vesu out * S m o k e B o m b*

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    Going to think about it, we may contact you soon

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