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    Hello, it’s me SuperSa.

    I am sorry for the things I said towards Ace, and how they could or did affect others, I should have stopped before it got way out of hand. My behavior at that moment was not acceptable, and I understand the ban.

    But please, I would love to be unbanned, I really like chatting in there, I mainly use Discord to either talk in VC with my real life friends or to chat in the Zero S lounge, I do consider some of you guys my online friends. I don’t know how you guys view me as of recent events, but I’d love to talk there again and interact with you guys.
    I promise that was the last time I’m ever going to say such things. I apologize to everyone, and can only ask for your forgiveness.

    Thank you for your time, again I apologize for my behaviour. Take as long as you guys need to give my request a thoroughly thought.

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