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    Hey so I got tempbanned for afk farming whis staff. I will admit, at times I do use an afk macro when it’s 2 am and I’m tired or when I’m needed elsewhere irl while I’m already in. However, more often than not, I’m present and watching my screen, while also simultaneously watching a movie/vid. In case you didn’t know staff as a late game ki user is literally standing still and holding down barrage so the only thing I need to look at is my ki bar. It takes around 37-40 seconds for my ki bar to empty so I only need to look up from time to time to scroll to my slot 9 (senzu) and right click and then scroll back to my slot 1. Basically, whis staff requires me to use minimal attention, so even though at times I may seem AFK I’m actually not. Like I said before, I know I have afk farmed in the past and a ban is appropriate but I feel a week tempban with no previous warning is a bit excessive. I know I’m not in the position to bargain, but I just ask that my ban only last 3-5 days because no warnings and straight to ban seems a bit overkill. Thanks for reading, and I wish you a blessed day 🙂 (also, before you ask, no I don’t read chat in staff because the chat floods and I’m not that fast a reader nor do I really care about chat in staff)

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