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    My Work

    13 & 8 Months

    Minecraft Username

    Joined the Server
    About 2 Years

    About Me
    I am an active and intelligent male and get things done on time or before the deadline. As one of my outside sports is Baseball. As an adult I would like to be an Architect.


    What I can Provide and Why Choose me
    I can help progress the Server with my Advanced Building Skills, Knowledge of the Server and the players with it. You Should choose me because I will be a good addition to the building staff.

    Thank you for your Time Reviewing my Application


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    Mauricio de Souza

    Hey Swagically,

    I’m yR_mew, the headbuilder.

    It seems that you have forgotten to add your past works, it would be appreciated if you could add them in a response of this post.

    Looking foward to seeing your builds

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    Hello Mew

    Sorry about that try this link https://imgur.com/a/Iz7qClc

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    Mauricio de Souza

    Hey Swagically,

    From what I’ve seen you got some potential, and your builds seem good,

    I feel like you can be a good addition to the team, but still, I will test your skills to see how capable you really are.

    Either way, for now, welcome to the team Swagically c:

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