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    i would like to suggest that the super transformation be lowered from 35k to 10k as i think it is way too high for the weakest transformation i used to play a lot a couple years ago and when i did i sat at a dummy for 7 hours straight and only got 2k tp so i do not believe it needs to be so high as not everyone will be able to put over 48 straight hours into the server and not everyone can afford or are willing to pay for tp to get it so i believer lowering it to 10k will make it still hard to attain without being too much
    -sincerely bosi_the_slayer

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    I say that’s a fair point

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    gage you gotta build ur stats to hold the form or itll be a waste of time, use kaioken and max it out, when you do you have access to x100 which is the same stat boost as super form 1 with minimum ki drain and health drain, use that until u build ur stats and hit level 100-200 then get super form 1, that way you can get fpssj a bit quicker, plus it helps leveling up that rpgweapon when you get it at level 50, super saiyan is a form and not going anywhere but ur stats are, build them and theyll build ur forms, dont let ur forms build u.

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