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    Q1: how long have you been playing DBC?
    A:I have been playing DBC for like 3-4 years, mainly cause I love dragon ball and because I like how well it’s integrated into minecraft

    Q2: How long have you been playing minecraft?
    A:roughly around 6 years, I really like it because it lets you do pretty much anything you want.

    Q3:How often can you get on the server?
    A:I can be on the server for around 8 hours a day during school days and 10-12 on weekends, so I got plenty of time to sit around and help people.

    Q4:From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the mod?
    A:6, I mainly play half saiyan but I know the basics of how the races work and their bonuses.

    Q5: from 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the server?
    A:I’d say I’m about 6 or 7. I know where to go when it comes to the training areas and I know the basic multipliers for the servers variation of the transformations along with the servers custom sagas, like underground, angel, ghost and more.

    Q6: from 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of commands?
    A:honestly I never really use commands so probably about 2-4. i never really got into commands that much other then /warp and /home which are both commands I use often. But I’m sure I will be able to use the commands from helper appropriately and be able to learn them quickly.

    Q7:How long have you been a part of the server?
    A:3 years, though I have had a few long breaks due to new interests popping up, but If I got helper I would definitely keep those breaks as short as possible just so i can continue to do the job given to me.

    Q8:How well do you get along with players?
    A:As I see it, I get along with most people I meet and usually don’t cause trouble for others.

    Q9:How well do you know the map?
    A:well I usually know which warp to use to go somewhere so in that regard, pretty good. But if you want to know if I know the exact location of a place like underground then I’m sad to say I don’t know.

    Q10:How well do you know players?
    A:I can usually get to know players by helping them in some way, like giving them senzu beans, and after that I usually become friends with that person and I end up getting to know them better and finding out if they are a nice person or a douchebag.

    Q11:Are you up to date with the mods?
    A: assuming the mods I use are able to get me on the server, I’m pretty sure I am up to date with them.

    Q12:Why do you think you fit this position?
    A:from my point of view I see myself helping people whenever there isn’t a helper online. I answer questions, help with problems that may be stopping someone from progressing forward and I attempt to stop arguments, well the last one I do rarely but I can do it more if required. Another reason for wanting this is because sometimes, when I’m on there are no helpers around and I want to be a helper so I can change that.

    Q13:How old are you?
    A:I am 16 years old.

    Q14:State your past experiences as staff
    A:I’ve never been staff before so I’m looking to make this my first and best attempt at it

    Q15:what is your main language?

    Q16:What is your Timezone?
    A: UTC+8

    Q17:Tell us about yourself a bit
    A:I’m usually quiet on the server and only intervening when I feel like it, the main reason for being quiet is because I’m usually training or making some senzu beans for training. Whenever I do talk it’s usually not aimed at being aggressive or mean, I tend to be friendly to those who talk to me and don’t become a nuisance to anyone.

    Q18:What can you provide for the server?
    A:A helper that can be on for long periods of time

    Q19:What position would be your main goal?
    A:Moderator at best, because I even though I want to help, I don’t think I would be capable of getting to admin. I want to be at least helper or moderator so I can help those who need it without the strain of being relied upon too much. I want to be a helper that you don’t have to worry about causing trouble or messing things up.

    Q20:what is your username?

    Q21:what is your discord username?
    A:Stormrider the better looking

    This is my application for helper, if you would allow me to be a helper then that would be great. I hope you like what you have seen.

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    Correction for question 21, Stormrider the better looking#8099

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    Denied. You are a bit inexperienced to become helper at this point in time.

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