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    if we add the galactic craft mod to the server, we can do space battles which are, in my opinion, would be nice. Galactic crafts no oxygen damage also goes into your dbc hp, i tested it myself, and it only took my body. Not only will this make it possible for space battles, it would also add new locations to put new sagas like a moon saga or a mars saga. The GalacticCraft mod would be a lot of fun for this server, it can be used for fun and/or scripting new and exciting quest lines. hope this suggestion/idea is accepted or well received by people.

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    Since Jin announced that there will be space I don’t think we would need other mod, and I don’t think we would even add any mod in the future (maybe jin’s new card mod if it’s good)

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      ok, i didnt know space was gonna be added so this idea is now useless xD

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