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    How long have you been playing DBC?
    I started playing dbc when you still had to craft the hair.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?
    Since November 2012.

    How often can you get on the server?
    I can get on 8 hours every day, sometimes more.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the mod?
    I’d say 9, maybe 10.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the server?
    9, because I dont know the requirements for some quests.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the commands?
    I know all commands except the plugin ones, so I’d say 9.

    How long have you been part of the server?
    the first time I played on the server was when the Pandemonium faction was still around, but i quit back then and started playing again 5 months ago.

    How well do you get along with players?
    I think I get along fine with most players, there’s only 1 person i can think of who I don’t like.

    How well do you know the map?
    I think i know every part of the map.

    How well do you know players?
    I know most players who still play.

    Are you up to date with the mods?

    Why do you think you are fit for this position?
    I’m on the server for a long time and can help even high level players.

    How old are you?
    I’m 16 years old, but i will be 17 years old next month.

    State your past experiences as staff.
    I’ve never been staff on a server that isn’t private.

    What is your main language?
    My main language is German, but I think I can speak English pretty good.

    What is your time zone?
    It’s Cet(Cest/Cedt) / Uct+1

    Tell us about yourself a bit.
    I’m still going to school and will probably go for another 3 years, but that doesnt stop me from going on the Server every day. I’m not sure what I’ll do after school but I think I’ll figure it out. I like helping people, if they don’t listen when I try to help them it does get a bit frustrating, but I’ll try to help them anyways, I think I’ll get used to repeating myself when I’m staff. Most of the time that I’m on the server I’m “trying” to be funny(I often am) and grind a lot (I got back to 20k in less than month).

    What can you provide for the server?
    I can help people whether theyre at the start or at the end of Game, I’m on the server for a long time, so I can help a lot people.

    What position would be your main goal?
    My main goal would be Admin, I love scripting/creating/testing my own npcs and I’d really like to Help people while creating more npcs for the server. It will probably take a long time to become an Admin, but being a Helper or purple Helper would be good enough for me.

    What is your username?

    What is your discord username?

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