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    So I was on the server yesterday around 10:00 Pm mountain time and the server restarted so when I joined back on there wasn’t many players on around 15 so I leave to do something and I come back to my PC to see I’m stuck in a black box and so I looked at the chat and from what they were saying I guess I tried to kill someone and someone killed me instead but I was AFK. So I guess I was jailed by Noah and Noah was really nice about it but he jailed me without any proof. I dont know if he can but on server I have been mod on they cant. Im not say he is a bad Helper or anything in fact he is really nice and a good person. Anyways CharminSnabber killed me I think he said he I was trying to kill him or someone else I dont know everything. I do think I have met him before or something happened with me and him and that is why he did this. I think I met him on King Kais planet and we were fighting over who killed bubbles because we were doing the same mission but it could of been a different arcosian.Chat

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    You punched me and he punched you back. I don’t think he meant to completely kill you. Just tog et you to stop doing that.

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