Renovate quests that use consumables to TP players.

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    In quests like the fusion fights against Gogeta and Vegito, the Extended Saga battles against Great Ape Vegeta, Buu, and Beerus, you’re given Scrolls that you use to teleport you to a set location, and those scrolls are consumed on use.

    However these items (and to a lesser extend, CNPC consumables like Magma Buffs) have a nasty glitch that can happen under the right laggy circumstances, where if you switch to the Scroll, use it, and then switch back to another item, that second item is consumed instead of the Scroll.
    In the heat of battle where you’re prepared to jump from one fight to the next like the fusion fights, it’s only natural to want to quickly get your weapon back in hand before the
    next Boss comes attacking you, but that also makes it rather easy to lose the items.

    This glitch isn’t without documentation, I, and other players have suffered from losing weapons this way, and even Pie has managed to replicate the glitch with his own hands.
    But this post isn’t as much to report the glitch, but more the report that nothing has been done about it.

    The first time this happened to me and I lost my Super Daikion Sword, I worked out how the glitch functioned and reported it to Dupling in the chat, I didn’t even ask for a replacement so that he wouldn’t have to focus on that and direct himself to fixing it.

    Months later, multiple players started losing things, Tree asked Pie about replacing them if people could prove they owned the items with a timestamped screenshot (They never did get replaced, but that’s besides the point).

    Now, the occasional player still loses items, and the only positive thing they hear in return is that it happens, and there’s nothing they can do.

    Which begs the question, why has nothing been done after so long?
    Glitches and methods that are positive and beneficial to players tend to get ironed out at a decent pace, but a bug that can cause a player to lose a weapon that they put hours into grinding items or Zeni for is allowed to stay despite the obvious threat it is?

    There hasn’t been so much as a warning, I simple change in Goku’s dialog that says “By the way, if you switch to another item before the Scroll is consumed, you might lose it forever!” instead this landmine of an error stays buried until some poor person triggers it.

    The solutions are tried and true at this point, and there are methods to handling the quests that make the Scroll method outdated, such as the auto-TP after clearing the quest that Pie uses in his quests such as the Janemba fight, and is even used in the Gotenks battles.

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