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    I may have a idear for the server : its raid bosses like every hour a random boss (Broly,Beerus,etc) if you win everyone gets 1000 money and if you do dmg to it you get tp there is an lsit of the best like the frist one gets 1mil tp and the second one 800k tp and so on. and every day 2 there will be a fusion boss that if you kill it you may get good items like a good sword beta-daikon armor or somthing like that, the arena is not needed as it wants to destroy the entire planet. the hp is like this math (1player= 10m hp and every player more gives it 1.25 hp if you dont kill it the dmg you do could be divided by 10 and this converted into tp. that is just my idear.

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    I think something like a cool monthly raid boss would be an awesome idea, a big looming threat like that gives training more value in the long run, where instead of it just being to get access to more stuff or to get even with another player, you have tangible target that’s out of your league, but you can fight.

    Now I’ll admit, my experience with making a Custom NPC is small, but here are my ideas for how a raid boss should be made.

    First off, it should be a DBZ target.
    Someone that people already associate with being a threat, being strong, and tough to beat.
    Broly, Black, Zamasu, all perfect examples of what could be made into a raid boss.

    Second, everyone should have a part.
    One thing I noticed with our last attempts at a raid boss, Santa and Hatchiyack, were lots of people couldn’t do anything, it boiled down to people relying on the strongest players to carry them through the fight.
    It goes without saying that people will be expected to die during an event, but if they die without purpose, that’s what will really upset them.
    So there are few ways you could go about giving them something to do.

    You can create mobs that supplement the boss, not as strong as them but an annoyance to the damage dealers and everyone else, thus forcing weaker players to kill them.
    Or you could give the boss high knockback and a small radius in which, if no one is around, he’ll heal large amounts of damage back.
    That forces even the smaller players to have a part in the fight, and stops one or two large players from carrying it for everyone else.

    Going back to everyone having a part, one thing I’d consider is essential is to either keep the combat regen of the boss to either nothing, or very low.
    People aren’t dumb, they’ll realize sooner or later that if they can’t contribute to the fight, there’s no point in being there.
    Even if the raid boss is technically completed by a small amount of players, if it doesn’t bring the server together in a way that leaves it happy, then it’s failure.

    Three, it should feel immersive.
    Give the fight and the arena character, use quests to give it life and not just make it a massive beatstick that looks like someone.
    So here’s an idea that could be used.
    The setting is that Future Trunks has come back in time to get help, because Black is attacking the future.
    However to save room in the Time Machine for everyone, no one can bring any items and they have to make due with what they can find.
    The arena is a large ruined city with destroyed buildings and rubble spread throughout it, Black is in the center waiting for the players and will start attacking on sight.
    However scattered around the arena are NPCs like Mai, Yajirobe, Resistance Members, and tiny supply chests, they all give items like food, swords, and Senzu Beans periodically.

    With that scenario, people who think they can fight Black can rush the center, while weaker players who want to help search the map for resources to contribute to everyone else.

    When Black is defeated, the quest ends and people are given their rewards and two items, a spawn item and a warp.
    The warp takes them to another arena with Trunks who gives a new quest and Super Saiyan Rose Black, his power has left most of the city a crater and reducing the amount of goods people will be able to find, while becoming even stronger at the same time.
    This stage of the raid stretches the players thin as people start dropping and others have to pick up the slack to get items.

    Finally Rose Black falls and the remaining players are sent back to Trunks, who thanks them for their help, gives them their rewards, and sends them back home.

    Now that went on longer than I expected, but there you go, my ideas for how a raid boss should be handled, in a way that makes them fun in interactive for everyone while still challenging for players, and will them work for their win.

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    The only problem with your idea Rensette is that the knowledge to make seperate inventory for a warp is not withing the staff as I remember, so they could still bring stuff there, but it’s really good idea by itself.

    Now on Artvin’s idea is full of plot holes if I consider my CNPC knowledge, they wouldn’t be able to make it, because there is no such a thing like giving tp just for punching, unless they have high mind, but that’s in their stats. The other thing about the last boss what he said: “1 player = 10 million HP” would it worth. It’s quite hard to figure out how many players would participate, and I can’t understand the rest what he says to be honest.

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    I wasn’t saying have a separate inventory, I was thinking more along the lines of clearing the inventory if they tried to bring something in.
    I know it’s a touchy subject, especially for our more… Reading impaired players, but if the dialog and bright-red letters and signs don’t get the point across…

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand there’s still the capacity for error and that someone would run to Trunks (I’m imagining that he’s sitting in one of those pods at the Lookout, by the way) ignore everything he sees, and then loses everything and complains, but sometimes risks have to be taken.

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