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    Dear server team,
    i am sad that i have to write here now, but one question about my ban from the official discord Server bothers me:
    How is the answer to another user stating “I am bored because the Server is down” beeing “If you’re bored the come play with me and my friends at pande ;)” Advertising?
    I am Aware that atfirst it might seem like this is advertising a server or smth, but Pande is my group of friends. Additionally i meant didn’t mean the statement seriously, as indicated by the winky face. I interpreted the rule “do not advertise” as beeing directed at Servers of any sort. As i see, you do say that my statement was advertising, i am deeply sorry for that. I do not intend to harm the server in any way, as my staff membership of about 1 and half a year (i hope) shows. I still want to stay in contact with the server and its players, as i want to see ist development and give tips here and there, aswell as talk to old friends.

    As to how this ended up in the questions Forum section:
    the Forum saidly doesn’t have a ban Appeal section and i am not capeable of contacting any staff members responsible for the ban anymore. The Trial Admin Blueknightc got me unbanned for one day for the purpose of talking to the Co-Owner. Unluckily, i didn’t know this unban only was temporal and thought i was unbanned completely.

    Note: The quotes arent direct quotes since i am banned from the discord. I apologize if any Information in them is incorrect.

    I hope that this statement cleared up some questions about why i was saying what i was saying.
    I again, deeply apologize for advertising.



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