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    I haven’t logged on into DBC for over 2 years and as soon as I had the urge to get into the server again I was apparently banned but without a reason, I was banned by an operator and I was sad cause this is the server that I’d always come back and to have my fun, since it’s been over 2 years I have not an idea of what I did and it is questionable cause I have not done anything to deserve a perma ban, at least something I don’t remember and if it was something I apologize for any of my actions that was at fault, and if there is any reason I would like to know -iAceTooBig

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    “Clears throat” so scratch that, I recently figured out why I was banned, apparently from advertising, no memories occurs to me so I’m not sure if I actually did it or not, but anyways I would love to get back and join the server once again, I will atone for my sins and once I have been reincarnated into the server (I hope), I would make sure not to repeat the same mistake.

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