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    This player called pixe3 the idiot who says that he cant speak english as a….. reasone to fight everone
    When this player joined the server he was keep saying that he is Korean and after a while he kept fighting players in safe zones and out of it
    he got muted and jailed many times but he didnt learn the lesson yet (i think he wont learn the lesson)
    anyways… i dont know how did he get this great wepone in this level and most likely he buyed it from someone, https://gyazo.com/835ada4e3e8d0ed3c878edb016a50923 it was angle sythe i think?

    and then he started pvping anywhere again and players started asking admins to ban/mute/jail him and admins did there jobs except for banning
    and seems this player was in idiot who just want a proplem…
    anyway lets get to the point where i wanted to report him…..

    i just joined the game… i was lagging cuz of no respone thing and when the game opend someone
    was attacking me it yemma safe zone https://gyazo.com/4bed26a693801cef4315ca68c46e0fc4

    Yeah… it was him.. and this is not the first time too, he did it many times.

    well he cant kill me so i just 1 shot him and he died and he said that stupid resone again…

    Yeah yeah… i know he was just playing stupid
    he can understand english and he want some pvp but with no jail or ban so he took this reasone to just make his self like a baby.. Help me!! (hit a player) Help!! i’m Korean!! Help!!

    tf? dont you think he must be banned?

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    something wrong with the edit…. anyways turn buyed to brought lol

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    He is asian (I confirmed it), but we won’t accept this when he is breaking rules.

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    ok he is banned now anyway… Thanks!

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    i am pixe3 im sorry im sorry no pvp no pvp im sorry im sorry no pvp no pvp im sorry i sorry no vpv no pvp im sorry ben solve please please im no pvp no pvp im sorry ben solve please

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    i m sorry

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    i m no pvp no pvp no pvp ban Release please no pvp no pvp im sorry im sorry ban release

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    im sorry im sorry….

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    Ok, 1. Stop it with the sorry spam
    2. Saying sorry several times will not fix this problem.
    3. More sorrys does not equal more effectiveness.

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