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    Tay-shawn Dubisson

    Providing screenshots about your previous works
    links:more coming soon
    whats your age?
    i am 13 years old i was born on January 2003 the 15th
    whats your minecraft username?
    although i lost alot of minecraft accounts but this will be the LAST ONE i will lost all the accounts lost : kephronn nasubi_0711 and the one in use right now d3m0nspawn
    account in use: d3m0nspawn
    Telling when did you joined the server?
    i cant remmber when i had first join the server but i join the server before reset probably 6 mouths
    A little information about you?
    i started loving builder when i started playing pixelmon in 2014 i became the head builder untill the server shut down and i started playing dbc in 2015.
    do you have have discord account ?
    my discord account:&/\kephnas_0711/\&#1953
    Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you
    i play minecraft daily so i will be able to hop on when ever theres an update and i need to build somthing or when theres an event i will be there to build the arena.
    my strengths
    i played alot around server plugins building my own server cording my on plugins using notepad+++ to make ranks for people using world edit to make huge platforms

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    Tay-shawn Dubisson

    mistake on age am 15

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    No offence, how can you mess up your age and your dob doesn’t add up… hmm seems fishy .3.

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    Ahhh. Time for some honesty brutality.

    Your first app featured stolen builds, you’ve been temp-banned from the server before, you’ve built a reputation of being a troublemaker, you legitimately have shown yourself to be a problematic individual I can’t see on staff, especially on my team. Sorry, not sorry, denied.

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