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    Mori Hui

    Providing screenshots about your previous works
    Age – 17
    Minecraft username – Mori_Jin_
    Joined the server – Few years ago, basically since it began
    A little information about you – A little info about me is I am a bit of a day one player. I’ve been on various DBC servers including this one (obviously), Kingdoms, Unleashed (god that’s an old one), and one other that I can’t recall. I’m a graduating senior that got a full ride to college so yay me. Lastly I play the clarinet and I love it so much.
    Discord name – Mori Jin
    Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you – I can provide many things to the server. Granted, you’ve all heard the same things time and time again, I can assure you this is all true. I can provide dedication, integrity, loyalty, and determination! I attempt to excel with any task or project I am given at any time. In addition to those things not only do I love helping people whenever I get a chance, but I also love being a creative person. That is why I believe I should choose me.

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    Mori Hui


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