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    -Hi my name is Med
    I am 18 years old
    -My minecraft IGN is : Med_
    I joined the server about a week ago
    I am a minecraft builder/map maker like helping servers that I like out with what I could provide from my past experiences have been a server builder since 2015 I started building on pocket edition on my phone in the very beginning then I moved on to cracked minecraft clients then I moved on to be a normal player in 2016 and ever since I worked for 4 different servers 1 of them was a big server and the other three were normal sized ones and other small servers that closed off eventually and the pocket edition days I worked for one of the biggest l33t server back in the day called yandere highschool and worked for lifeboat as well in 2015.

    -My discord Tag is : Med#0930
    I would like to add more builds for the quests that the server already has and add more details to make everything feel more alive and nicer ofcourse under the moderation of other builders and help out as much as I possibly could

    -Screenshots of my previous works :

    Thanks for your time 🙂

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    Damn those are some sexy builds PogChamp ;p

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    i started liking to build recently in the pasts months, and i can say, that i will never reach his build skills ever.

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    tbf tho ^ hes pretty good at building, so dude that is an ace compliment PogChamp

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    Why thank you *winky face* but the real star is on this guy for being so good.

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