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    -How long have you been playing DBC?
    I have been playing DBC for a good 3 to 4 years now. While not playing on this server specifically, I gained interest after watching a few videos of the mod from “Slyfoxhound” way back when.

    -How long have you been playing minecraft?
    Since it was in 1.3 beta, so roughly 7 years.

    -How often can you get on the server?
    Fairly often, when school or scouts permits. Usually at least once a day, for an hour or more.

    -From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the mod?
    8. I know good build outlines and the alike, but I probably couldn’t tell you the more in depth math parts.

    -From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the server?
    roughly a 7 to an 8. I know the quest progression, alongside tips and tricks, I know most of the tp given from quests Angel+ and have decent knowledge on when to progress.

    -From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the commands?
    9 I’ve got extensive knowledge of most essentials commands from prior server experiences, and know most of the other server commands from using them. However, I lack the information on how to use the admin only commands for most of these plugins (minus essentials)

    -How long have you been part of the server?
    I’ve been playing the server for, 8-9 months at this point. I began roughly late march-early april. (and hilariously saw poke ree at the cauliflas in spawn on april fools)

    -How well do you get along with players?
    I get along decently. I’m friendly to those friendly to me, and don’t talk about others behind their backs. I get upset with certain players sometimes but most often can resolve the issue peacefully.

    -How well do you know the map?
    Very well. I could easily direct a player to anywhere they need.

    -How well do you know players?
    I know most of the players well, and try to engage and chat with many of the new players to keep them interested.

    -Are you up to date with the mods?

    -Why do you think you are fit for this position?
    I have prior experience with staff positions, as well as experience with the plugins. I’m in the local scouting branch, learning leadership and how to make things work when in teams.

    -How old are you?
    I am currently 15 years old, and on January 15th I shall be 16.

    -State your past experiences as staff.
    I’ve worked my way up from helper to admin on a small roleplaying server. References will be provided if requested.

    -What is your main language?

    -What is your time zone?
    EST- Eastern Standard Time.

    -Tell us about yourself a bit.
    I’m a student learning engineering at my local High School. I deal in facts, not fiction, and like to hear both sides of an argument before I choose one or the other.

    -What can you provide for the server?
    I can provide leadership roles when needed and support new players to encourage them to keep coming back. I also can help out other staff with any planned events.

    -What position would be your main goal?
    The highest I can go for, honestly.

    -What is your username?

    -What is your discord username?

    Thank you for reading!

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    Denied, you were offline for too long when application review happened, try it again later.

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