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    •Screen shots are in #spam again(This took about 1hr 45mins

    •I am 17, born 12 23 2001


    •Acording to discord
    “MEE6BOT 11/30/2018
    Hey @jacob, welcome to Dragon Block Zero S -||- Official Jingames Server 1.7.10 !”

    •My name is Jacob i love Anime.I can be serious or flexible at almost any given moment needed.I won’t play favorites when it comes to friends.I like to try my best.I’ll always respect the people that respect me.

    •My discord name is Jacob#6643

    •I can provide Care,help,work or support for all that need it.And why would you choose me?
    Because there is not a reason not to I will help you in anyway I can as best as I can.

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    Mauricio de Souza

    Hey MaskedElite,

    I’m sorry, but from my point of view, you are not prepared just yet,

    I recommend you to wait a little bit more until your next application, building comes with experience, and I feel if you keep getting better you will reach the appropriate level.

    But for now it’s a no, Denied.

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