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    Minecraft Username: My in-game Minecraft username is Scandalising (was Littleguy007)
    Date Of Ban: 21/09/2020
    Time Of Ban: 15:00 GMT
    Who Banned You: Unsure.
    Reason Why Banned: Previously was banned 3 years ago.
    Why We Should Un-Ban You: Since the ban I have matured greatly. However upon joining the server again I broke some rules and dealt with it incorrectly. Although my punishment was served after such rules were broken I have since been told to appeal my ban. I deeply apologise for my earlier actions when recently joining the server and also my actions 3 years ago back in 2017. I now realise that accountability must be taken and I accept what I have done is wrong and it will not happen again. I suggest a temporary ban and then I be under close staff watch when unbanned. During this time period I will use the time to reflect upon my previous actions and ensure that history does not repeat itself. Furthermore I have changed my name to disassociate myself with the toxic persona I have previously created for myself in hopes that I can start anew.

    Additionally, if you require any more information please DM me on discord at Dusk.#0508
    Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal and I hope we can reach a fair agreement,

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