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    1) I have been playing DBC for about a year

    2) I have been playing Minecraft for nearly five years

    3) I can get on the server almost every night

    4) I would say my knowledge of the mod is an 8

    5) My knowledge of the server is an 8 as well

    6) My knowledge of the commands is a 9

    7) I’ve been a part of the server for about two and a half months

    8) I get along with players very well

    9) I know the map very well

    10) I don’t know players all that well, but I am aware of many players

    11) Yes I am up to date with the mods

    12) I think I’m fit for this position because I am the eldest brother of four children, meaning I can deal with annoying and or trolling players patiently and respectfully. I am also very willing to help anyone I can, considering I didn’t know what I was doing not too long ago

    13) I am 14 years old

    14) I have never been a staff member on any online game

    15) English

    16) Central Time

    17) I’m a performing arts nerd, I’ve been playing video games since I was in preschool, and love being part of a community. I’m very passionate about playing saxophone, I’m actually the 4th best alto saxophone for my grade level in Illinois. I’m the eldest brother of 4 kids, and have 3 younger sisters.

    18) I can provide a kind and patient helper who can deal with annoying players and help out newbies

    19) Helper

    20) kweeler_landtree

    21) Landtr33#5073

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    Denied. Try to experience the server a little more and get to know players.

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