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    Trevor Butrum

    Providing screenshots about your previous works: (Look at descriptions of images)

    Telling your age: 15

    Telling your minecraft username: Kidiferr

    Telling when did you joined the server: Around Oct 2017

    A little information about you: I’m a sophomore in highschool pursing to be an Electrical Engineer when I get older.

    If you have discord then your discord name since it’s for communication: Kidifer

    Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you:
    I could provide my intermediate builder skills, my knowledge of the server and how the mod works, and how I know the community. You should choose me because I believe I will be a decent addition to the team even though we didn’t agree in the past, but things have changed and the past is behind me. I try to be as nice as I can to new players and help them as much as I can. I know how to somewhat use world edit, but might need a refresher because I haven’t used it in a bit.

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