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    This is a Terraria Tree I made, in order to show off my speed of building and the looks, this was a 20 minute build, no world edit, only creative.
    My age as of November 18, 2018, is 17 years old.
    My username is Kaio101.
    My faction is exactly 7 months old at this time, for which I joined a few months prier, this means I’ve been on from 8 to 9 months.
    I live in the United States and have been since birth, I also have freetime because of my schedule everyday, usually arriving home on weekdays on 5:30pm and staying on till 8pm.
    My Discord name tag is Kaiyo#6357.
    The main things I want to do for this server are to upgrade the looks of certain sagas, ranging from Htc all the way to King Kai. I also want to update Namek saga so it can be used as a saga equal to Htc and can be a better substitution. Basically my point is that I want to help progress the server.

    Thank you for reading my Application Sir or Madam!

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    I’m sorry my image didn’t load correctly.

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    Here is the quest i build on Single player, also sorry for 3 messages, it won’t let me edit.

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