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    Heya also trying for builder for some reason,
    How old are you
    I am 17 years old
    What is your mc username
    My username is JonHop
    When did you join the server?
    I joined the server around 4 years ago and still enjoy it a lot.
    Tell a little bit about yourself
    I am a generally nice guy who has also been a mod on this server, and knows it quite well. I am good in stressfull situations.
    Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you
    I can provide the server with help and builds, i have been thought building by multiple people and through experimentation, my best building style is edo period japanese, but i am also willing to learn and make many different styles of builds. I have also been on the server for a very long time so i know the general build style of the builders.
    What is your discord tag?
    My discord tag is: JonHop51#0409
    Provide us with screenshots of your builds here’s a link to two of my builds if more are required then i will send those, it’s probably not enough but i like to try anyway.

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    Ignore this one it has a doesn’t have enough original builds and even though i want to become a helper i think i got to have some more builds

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    dammit builder (sry kinda tired)

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