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    I want to apply for the rank of Helper.

    I have been playing Dragon Block C for 6 months now.
    Minecraft i have been playing for 4 years now.
    I can get at least 3 times a week on the server even more if necessary.
    I would rate my knowledge of the mod 9/10.
    Of the server i would rate my knowledge 10/10.
    Of the commands i would rate my knowledge 8/10.
    I have been a part of the server for about 6 months now.
    I get along well with other players.
    I know the map very well.
    I also know the players very well not on a personal level.
    My version of the mod is always up to date and i know the new version well.
    I think i am fit for the position cause i have been on this server for a long time now and i want to help people with their “growth” and i can get along with people fine.
    I am at the moment 14 years old nearly 15.
    I don’t have any past experience as staff.
    I do have skype.
    My main language is Dutch from the Netherlands.
    My time zone is Central European Summer Time.
    I am a someone who really wants to help people always did and probably will always do.
    I can provide people with knowledge of what they are supposed to do when they start.
    The position i am looking for is Helper.
    My Username is JonHop.

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    Please add the questions above the answers

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    Ayy Jon! Good luck mate!

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    good luck mate

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    This application has been DENIED

    This thread will be closed

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