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    Hello my name is jay (as you already know) and I would like to apply for builder. I’m nineteen years old, I joined the server a long time ago before I guess the server got reset and I built a bridge that got destroyed xD. I know I haven’t been on the server for a long time but I have devoted to other servers so I’m thinking why not yours. I am currently in college, playing Minecraft yes I know a little weird to some people but I do. I like to build. I am a nice, jerk, or at least that’s what my friends say about me cause I like to pull pranks while were in our dorms. My minecraft username is Jaynater25, my discord is Jaynater #2220. Finally I think I can provide to the server well help building, obviously. I could bring more help, I’ve always wanted to make a saga of my own and I was for awhile on another server that did not get released to the public cause the owner was a Batch (nice censoring eh?). A saga I’ve always wanted to do that I have not seen yet would be a dragon ball af saga. Yes I know its not cannon but neither was gt I think it could be a fun side saga to do. Now for my builds.

    this first picture is before I detailed the walls but is only 1 of 2 good pictures I have of it as you will see in the next image

    Those are a few pictures of what I’ve built in the past if you want/need more just ask and I can give more and I would be happy to do a live build to prove my self if I get that far. Thank you for reading this and I hope you accept me.

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    lol messed up the links xd

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    I can’t seem to figure out why the links aren’t working but I can send them through discord if need be. Right now I’ve been linking them through imgur but the links will not show up if you could help me fix this I will be happy

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    Huh. This flew under the radar…eh just send your images to me via discord. I be the Lucid in the main Jingames discord mkay?

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    I hope you become a builder, so we can beat those pesky helpers! Gl

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