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    This is how you should apply for builder. Since builders and mods are completely different.

    You need to be at least 13 years of age to be a staff member, and at least have played 2-3 months on the server!

    First you should know, that when you are accepted, you will be Trial Builder to show us your resolve, and how much you can be trusted. In this time period you will be dependend on other builders for materials. And don’t forget, you will be watched over, and any sudden change will be noticed and punished with demotion!

    When applying these things you should do:

    • Providing screenshots about your previous works
    • Telling your age
    • Telling your minecraft username
    • Telling when did you joined the server
    • A little information about you
    • If you have discord then your discord name since it’s for communication
    • Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you

    Good luck on applying.

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