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    Well who would saw it comming… I mean i know everyone tells me that staff is full and all but its kind of a situation like: Trying doesnt hurt nobody. Well here we go:

    How long have you been playing DBC?

    I’ve been playing dbc for 3 years now

    How long have you been playing minecraft?

    Now minecraft i’ve been playing since i was 11 (6 years ago)

    How often can you get on the server?

    Recently i’ve been getting REALLY often in the server like almost 6/7 hours straight not only because of the greed of training but the fact that i have a lot of fun playing it and involving myself with everyone in it.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the mod?

    I would say 8/10 because mods needs to sometimes know things that sometimes helpers dont. I mean helpers needs to know lots of things but sometimes since the mod has more knowlegge considering the time he’s been helping people, he should be a guy that sometimes helps the helpers on things. For example something that helpers can only awnser by the mettods and rules they’ve readen, but mods probbably passed already through them having not only the mettods explanation but his own thought about it.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the server?

    I wouldnt go that far by saying 10/10 because i ask a lot of things on daily bases but i would put me around the 8 and the 9 for how long i’ve been in the server and helping newbies here and there with questions that are important but i never stopped to think about it.

    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the commands?

    Well i would put around 8 and 9 too because of not only the daily bases but the constant reading of the main chat by not only mods, helpers, builders but from players too

    How long have you been part of the server?

    I’ve been part of the server for a while now, got my data deleted lots of times, got my account hacked and all… But in general i’ve been around enough to get a main view of how some things in the server usually behaves

    How well do you get along with players?

    Well this is kinda complicated but i would say i get really along with lots of people, i have lots of fun doing stuff and little events by just talking straight to all of the players online. I gotta say that sometimes i can be kinda toxic because of the way i can put some manners but i can be honest that this is not what i was aiming for and i always apologize if i did anything wrong in some aspect.

    How well do you know the map?

    I know the map very well by passing through almost all areas all of the times but since this server has lots of hidden peaces here and there i wouldnt go as far as saying i know most things here but if i get helper i can promisse to try my best by recognizing every place.

    How well do you know players?

    Some players i can relate to every day by dming them on discord and talking all of the time. My relationship in this aspect is very opened up, but since i changed accounts and been here for certain ammounts of different periods, i would say i dont know them enough in some ways

    Are you up to date with the mods?

    Of course! I can have some problems when asked transformation multipliers or builds but im sure that if this is my main focus i will be sure to try and study it as much as i can

    Why do you think you are fit for this position?

    I think im fit because i like being part of helping people, i know that sounds cliché but there is not that much into it. Seeing people satisfied by being helped is a treasure for me and since i can use that to be part of staff and maybe help in other ways it gets me even more exited.

    How old are you?

    Currently im 17 years old

    State your past experiences as staff.

    Well i’ve been CEO/Head admin of a server and i didnt do much but all people on it liked me a lot and i’ve known some pluggins in this serv for some time now but i dont think that can help a lot for now.

    What is your main language?

    My main language is portuguese from brazil but since i always loved learning languages im fluent on english and im more than opened up to voice chat anyone from USA/Europe

    What is your time zone?

    Its UTC-3h

    Tell us about yourself a bit.

    Well im a very ordinary guy, i like lots of movies and art and i LOVE music such as playing instruments is my life hobby since ever. Im a very opened up guy who speaks his mind ALL the time no matter who the person is and since i have some “no-shy” thing i can be sometimes a little naive by some people’s train of thought but for me thats something im always trying to get better.

    What can you provide for the server?

    My knowlege and my full HELP (get it?) to try and make newbies and players more than confortable with my presence by asking anything they want and think about the servers policy and staff.

    What position would be your main goal?

    Im not into goal position because im opened up about that. Is more the way that it goes by not only you guys seeing me as a helper but myself seeing the server as a helping community. So for me helper is fine for now.

    What is your username?

    Its Gusta_Gusta but my nick in game is Nay_NayMan (Lame)

    What is your discord username?

    Its Offline#9850

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