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    Q: How long have I been playing DBC?
    A: Since 1.6.4
    Q: How long have I played minecraft?
    A: Since 2011, version 1.0
    Q: How often can I get on the server?
    A: Every day for hours at a time, longer on weekends
    Q: From 1-10 how do I rate my knowledge of the mod?
    A: 9/10. I don’t know every detail, but I am very knowledgeable about the mod
    Q: From 1-10 how do I rate my knowledge about the server?
    A: 9.5/10. I know about all the main quests, training spots, and most of the side quests.
    Q: From 1-10 how do I rate my knowledge about the commands?
    A: 7/10. I have god rank on the server and know its commands, as well as the ones anyone can do, but don’t know too much about staff commands.
    Q: How long have I been part of the server?
    A: Quite a while. I first joined this server back in the tp gem days (And played on the 1.6.4 server before that), though I only started playing extremely actively in mid March of this year.
    Q: How well do I get along with other players?
    A: Quite well, I’m friendly with everyone, and people regularly greet me when I get online
    Q: How well do I know the map?
    A: Very well, I’m familiar with most of the warps (Not too familiar with West City though) and the places you can get quests.
    Q: How well do I know players?
    A: If they talk in chat even somewhat rarely, I know who they are. I know the players of this server pretty well.
    Q: Am I up to date with the mods?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Why do I think I’m fit for this position?
    A: I’m an experienced player who gets along well with others, knows a lot about the server,(I wrote the 67 page unofficial server guide pinned in the discord channel) and enjoys helping out people with things.
    Q: How old am I?
    A: 19
    Q: State your past experiences as staff.
    A: None, this would be my first staff position.
    Q: What is my main language?
    A: English.
    Q: What is my time zone?
    A: Pacific Daylight Time. (Live on the US West Coast)
    Q: Tell us about yourself a bit.
    A: I graduated from high school last year, and have been working for a bit (Still not too sure what I’d like to do). I love gaming, astronomy (I occasionally post pics taken with my telescope(s) in the discord), making memes, and browsing the internet.
    Q: What can I provide for the server?
    A: I can help create a fun server environment by being friendly with people, help newer players get started with the server, help organize events, help sort out any problems that can arise, answer questions, and help make new sagas/training places down the road.
    Q: What position would be my main goal?
    A: Admin, because it would allow me to help create new content for the server, as well as help people with issues that can only be solved with an admin’s help (Like broken quests).
    Q: What is my username?
    A: Giga_Spinax
    Q: What is my Discord username?
    A: Meme God Giga #3392

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    I hope You get Accepted Good Luck Meme God – Zeno

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    Accepted, gonna contact yer later.

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