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    How long have u been playing dbc?
    :I have been playing it for about 11months

    How long have u been playing minecraft
    :I have been playing minecraft for about 2years and a half

    How often are u on the server
    :I will be often much more due to me finishing my examinations.I most likely would be online for 3 to 7hours a day if its a weekend maybe even up to 10hours.

    From 1-10 how would u rate your knowledge of the mod
    : I would say 8 to 9 as I have learnt most of the commands of the mod

    From 1-10 how would u rate your knowledge of the server
    :9 I have been to most area of the server except the higher lvl of daikon

    From 1-10 how would u rate your knowledge of the commands
    :I would say 8 as ik most dbc command but i do sometime do the order wrongly same for normal minecraft command XD.

    How long have u been apart of the server
    :I have been apart of the server for 8months

    How well do u get along with players
    :I get along well with most but I cant get everyone to like me.

    How well do u know the server
    : I would say i know the server quite well as i do have excess to most area of the server except higher level of daikon and staff only places.

    Are u up to date with the mods
    :Yes I am

    Why do u think you are a fit for this position
    :I belief I am fit for the position as I’m regularly online and I like to help anyone that needs help

    How old are u
    :I am 17years old
    State your past experiences as staff
    :I do not have any past experiences as a staff

    What is your main language

    What is your time zone
    Tell us abit about urself
    :My name is Danish.I am 17years old.I am engrossed in the server.I like lots of things like anime,manga,and many sports.Like football(Not the American one) swimming and basketball.

    What position would be your main goal
    :Head mod/admin

    What is your username

    What is your discord name

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    Oh ya and thank you for reading

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    Good luck! But I never saw you very often…

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    I took a break cause of personal reasons and examination before that I was online a lot and is now.I just have not been online for the past days as I am sick

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    Oh I see…

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