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    idk tbh, the arcos made a lil village~, but some troll decided too start a war with it, with a couple o helpers with him >.>

    it got real really~ fast, not gunna point the blame, just state’n a fact, not gunna post igns, i just think it was wrong too pick on that one guy tbh. he just wanted a community he needed~
    hes not nice, hes strict, thats what is needed in a town.


    sooo. i also like the change on the reincarnation settings~~ only loseing 5%, i seen many people use it, even just for a skin change. good job on atleast that~
    just gunna…leave this post here, i only joined this server like 2months ago, & i seen the drama kick in even then~ to be blunt about that, its needed to live’n things up.
    i know what i am, but do they even care to know who they are?


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    What is this reporting? Drama?

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